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We provide psychological evaluations to assist the court proceedings throughout Kildare, Dublin, Wicklow, and Meath.
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Court Reports

Psychological evaluations that are used for court reports go beyond the typical psychological evaluations that are completed for clinical purposes. Court reports require a detailed, situation-specific assessment strategy and are intended to assist the courts in determining decisions regarding family, civil, or criminal matters. 

Brideswell Counselling and Psychotherapy produce court reports that present complex psychological issues to non-psychologists in clear and simple language. Our court reports will help judges and juries reach decisions based on facts. We have experience in completing court reports in a legal setting and possess a broad clinical background to support a variety of cases. 

Legal representatives can provide advice specific to your individual circumstances before proceeding with a court report. If you would like to secure a psychological evaluation in relation to court reports, contact Brideswell Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Our Court Reports:

✔ Provide a detailed professional opinion on the frequency and intensity of any psychological anguish experienced as a result of an incident
✔ Relate directly to the legal issues of the case
✔ Include treatment recommendations
✔ Present findings in clear, concise language that is free from technical jargon

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