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If you are struggling with mood disorders of any form contact Brideswell Counselling and Psychotherapy today. We offer a safe, non-judgemental environment and treatments tailored to you.

Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders

In addition to depression, Brideswell Counselling and Psychotherapy also offer counselling and treatment for a range of other mood disorders. We provide a non-judgemental consultation where we will work to identify your symptoms and subsequently work towards a treatment plan that is suited to you. We place great importance on understanding the often diverse needs of each individual we see and always strive to provide a tailored, long-term solution.

Bi-Polar Disorder

Bi-polar disorder, also referred to as manic depression, is characterised by extreme highs and lows of a person’s mood. Moods can change very quickly and the person will have no idea why, leading to feelings of being confused and frustrated. We work on effective coping and prevention strategies to help you overcome your symptoms.

Anger Management

We all experience anger in our lives. Generally most people can control their anger, however it can become problematic when people over react to normal situations. People can act irrationally and harm people, both physically and mentally. There are ways to get your anger under control. We work closely with each individual we see to help them identify warning signs and develop effective coping mechanisms for their anger.


Grief can appear in many forms. For some people it may mean feeling sad all the time, for others it may cause anger. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. We can help you to look at ways to deal with these feelings.

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